Best Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time - Detailed Guide In 2021

Best Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time - Detailed Guide In 2021

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and has more than one billion monthly visitors. It's a great way to make money, reach new audiences and get your message out there. But how do you measure success?

YouTube Watch Time is often referred to as "engagement time." The longer someone watches your video, the more engaged they are with it. 

Best Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time

Do you know how many hours of YouTube videos are watched every single day? It's astonishing. What we may not realize is that this number can be used to our advantage. With so much content on YouTube, it isn't easy to get noticed and stay relevant in the search results. That's where video watch time comes in.

1- Creative Video Title and Thumbnail

The titles and thumbnails of your videos are what set it off. The right combination can help you improve watch time, so choose wisely. They serve a dual purpose. Not only do these frames attract viewers with their creative visuals or catchy copywriting techniques, but they also act like an icebreaker that stimulates curiosity in potential new subscribers. 

2- Organize Your Video Into Chapters 

YouTube has a great feature called chapters. They make things easier for viewers by breaking up videos into digestible pieces and each chapter. Chapters make it easier for viewers to understand better what will come next in your video without having all the information at once. Use an intro moment and narrative that keeps them engaged in each new segment. 

3- Make your videos social media-friendly

If you want to get more views on your videos, don't just rely on YouTube. You can promote the heck out of them by sending people off into Facebook or Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For example: if I have 10 million subscribers but only want 100K followers on Facebook or Twitter, it would be worth my while because the potential return (views) is higher than what they'd get from someone who has less following capacity. 

4- YouTube Analytics

The Audience Retention report from YouTube can be a precious tool for understanding if your videos are getting enough views. Suppose you see that there has been an unusual dip in viewing at specific points. In that case, it might point to something important like an introduction or production issue with the video itself and not just user error on their part. 

What Does "Purchase YouTube Watch Time" mean?

YouTube has set 4K watch hours and 1K subscribers as the benchmark to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. To be more explicit, subsequent to accomplishing that norm, each maker can begin procuring pay from their substance.

Who Will Need to Buy 4000 Hours of Watch Time?

As a general rule, any individual who needs to bring in cash from YouTube has a similar objective to get 4K hours of watch time, yet they may have various explanations behind this methodology.

In case you are a fledgling: another YouTuber may think that it is difficult to set up a channel with evergreen substance and develop a strong fan base, then, at that point, purchasing watch time for YouTube is a productive decision.

Assuming you need to oversee multi-channel: You are a capable client of YouTube yet need to capitalize on your capacity to bring in cash through a few channels. Purchasing 4K watch hours and 1K endorsers can be a successful answer for abbreviate the time you need to sit tight for adaptation.
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Wrap Up

The best way to increase YouTube watch time is by following these four steps. First, make sure your video title and thumbnail are attractive enough to capture the attention of viewers. Next, organize your video into chapters so that it's easy for viewers to navigate from one part of the content to another.

Finally, be conscious about making your videos social-media friendly and check analytics to maximize views and shares across different platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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